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Consultancy Services

We provide our unique and collective expertise to public and private, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to help them in their work towards building a prosperous, resilient and peaceful Africa. We are a non-profit organisation, so proceeds from such consultancy services go to help our work in policy development, research, analysis, capacity development and furtherance of knowledge and education in Africa. Some of the services we offer include:

• RESEARCH: We undertake rigorous research to provide scientific data, evidence and tools to support robust evidence-based policy-making and programming for sustainable development, resilience and peace in Africa.
• ADVISORY: We engage our critical expertise to provide consultancy and advisory services in areas that support our vision and mission for Africa.
• POLICY WORKS: We develop policy-orientated frameworks and briefs. We also develop ideas and initiatives for testing policy through implementation.
• PROJECT MANAGEMENT SUPPORT: We provide technical support related to project management, including project development, baseline studies,
monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning.
• ADVOCACY SUPPORT: We support advocacy and engagement of key stakeholders and influencers of policy processes to facilitate the development of
effective policies. Relevant support for advocacy especially by the civil society and NGOs is also provided to ensure proper implementation of projects and policies
in different contexts.