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The Story of Africa: Our Story!

The intractable challenges that continue to bedevil Africa are multidimensional and complex. Some of these challenges are new, but others have existed for a long time. Huge investments in terms of development assistance and foreign aid have been reportedly mobilised to alleviate most of these problems.

However, a lot remains the same, if not worse, and compounded by globalisation and impacts of global environmental and climate change. One of the key reasons for this is the peripheral, disconnected approach through which challenges of Africa are conceptualized and interpreted. Even in the 21st Century, Africa’s challenges are too often defined for Africa and not by Africa -- many times even by African entities such as private, governmental, and non-governmental organisations.

The consequent solutions (or lack of them) are also developed from this disconnected standpoint, but implemented within African communities for Africa. While the intentions are quite often (not always) good, the ‘solutions’ developed prove ineffective over time, and the situations remain the same, or worse. Few parties (if any at all) really measure and share the negative outcomes, thus increasing the chances of replication of failed approaches with more wasted resources and less developed capacities for sustainable solutions.

Who we are

Africa Development Resources and Capacities Institute (ADRECI) is an independent think-and-do tank championing sustainable Afrocentric solutions to Africa’s intractable problems.

…a sustainable, prosperous !
and peaceful Africa