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Our Work

Our work seeks to accelerate Africa's resilience, peace and prosperity. This involves Policy development, Research, Analysis, Knowledge and Education (what we christen as PRANKED).

• Policy Development & Engagement: Our focus is on convening and facilitating collaborative policy development processes and dialogues in Africa’s critical priority programme areas.

• Research: We conduct scientific research to fill important information gaps, including assessing the strategic and operational rationale for addressing intractable African challenges, and forecasting the potential of disruptive approaches and tools to address them.

Analysis & Insights: We strive to provide sharp Afrocentric opinion and insights on critical development and peace issues to elevate the African discourse locally and internationally. We do this especially through our blog, reports and other publications, social and mainstream media outreaches, regular public lectures and other convened spaces.

Knowledge and Education: We endeavour to answer questions on Africa’s progress, keep track of the latest policy developments in the continent, and act as a go-to resource hub for key documents from governments, international institutions, non-governmental organisations and academia. Our collaboration especially with partner African institutions of higher learning aims to help advance education, learning and understanding of specially selected issues. Finally, we also collaborate with non-African stakeholders to help them understand the challenges in Africa better and collaborate in finding better solutions that would work in Africa. are building a go-to hub to attempt