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Why practice?

Specific projects for the development and resilience of Africa are necessary and important if undesired situations are to be fundamentally changed.

Where communities are vulnerable to climate change and disasters, adaptation and risk reduction initiatives would help change that. Where communities are exposed to conflicts from internal and external sources, specific projects would be required to transform those conflicts and ensure sustainable peace. Where unemployment is prevalent and poverty rife, specific interventions would be necessary to provide employment and get people out of poverty.
Indeed, the promise and insights of science would not amount to much help to these communities if nothing is done. In this pillar, our priorities entail:

• Providing evidence and data to support specific interventions;
• Supporting the design, development and implementation of specific initiatives;
• Facilitating resource mobilisation;
• Enhancing resource (and capacity) pooling for increased impact e.g. public-private partnerships;
• Learning and evidencing of impact e.g. supporting development of M&E systems customised for critical sectors/issues such as adaptation; gender-based work;
advocacy; peace and conflict management; and policy interventions;
• Enhancing collaborative approaches to finding and implementing solutions to local challenges;
• Communicating, and supporting the communication and exchanges of new ideas and solutions;
• Building the capacities of various actors to do the above by themselves in the long run though specialised trainings, collaborative efforts etc.