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Donate to ADRECI

You can DONATE finances or FUNDRAISE for our cause

ADRECI is fully independent of any one country or source of funding, and is open to support by generous financial contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations, governments and multilateral organizations in Africa and from across the globe that share our commitment to independent, high-quality, and high-impact public policy research, analysis and communications for sustainable development and peace in Africa.

When you donate to ADRECI fundraise for us, you are providing essential financial resources that facilitate the necessary independent, integrative, high-quality policy research, engagement and communications, capacity development, and critical interventions for achieving sustainable development in Africa’s most-in-need regions. Your support enables us to undertake the all relevant, critical, yet sometimes side-lined research necessary to unlock the development and growth of local African communities. Although some of these rank highly in the local communities’ list of developmental needs in Africa, they often rank low in the priority list of large international organisations, and thus remain mostly under-resourced or unresourced at all. We use some of the donated resources to bring this reality to key actors and convene discussions of how this could be creatively addressed for the benefit of the most at-risk people and ecosystems.

Our donors support a wide range of applied research on important and urgent policy and development issues facing Africa. This provides the means to mobilise the best brainpower to work on complex problems and enable us to seek innovative, working solutions for Africa’s most in-need communities and ecosystems. An example of our innovative approach is the collaborative design and development of the Transformational Leadership Programme-Africa to build conscientious leaders among young, budding leaders in Africa to help address the protracted challenge of violent conflicts, the intractable poverty challenge and related governance problems. Another example is ADRECI’s initiative to operate Kenya’s foremost job and employment support centre in collaboration with local development agencies such as the Maendeleo Institute, and county governments.

Gifts may be for current use or multi-year support. You can also donate to a specific cause of your choice.

To donate by cheque, money transfer or electronic fund transfer, contact: or +254-726-572-459 (Kenya) or +44-740-455-5563 (UK). ADRECI is registered in Kenya as a charitable company limited by guarantee.