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Types of partners we work with:

There are many types of partners in and outside of Africa working hard to address Africa’s challenges. Because we combine scientific research with working African perspectives that are too often missed in ‘Africa-focused’ challenge-solution discourses, we increase chances of success and help partners to get the most out of the financial, natural and human resources (invested) in and for Africa. We provide useful tools and advisory services based on robust, afro-focused knowledge and insights to different types of partners and stakeholders. For purposes of capacity building, we work with the following types of partners:

Public sector actors, including sub-national and national government agencies, regional and Africa-wide authorities.
Private sector actors, including both small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger corporations (or entities within them).
Academic and research organizations, including universities, consulting agencies, other think tanks and NGOs, which feed knowledge, experience and
perspectives into decision- and policymaking processes in Africa.
Civil society and individual actors: we also work with a range of other change agents in the society, including individuals and civil society groups that share in our
vision and mission.