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Our Partners

There are many types of stakeholders from within and outside of Africa that are working hard to address Africa’s challenges. We believe that many of these genuinely desire to see positive change as a result of their efforts and investments. But we understand that positive change is not always guaranteed, not even by the sincerest of desires.

Martin Brown (ADRECI) and Soufyane Fares (Heinrich Böll Stiftung - Rabat, Morocco)

Thus, motivated by the spirit of collaborative action that is so central to our mission, we work tirelessly with some of these stakeholders either as our partners or clients to increase their chances of successfully securing or catalysing transformative change and helping them to get the most out of the financial, natural and human resources they invest in and for Africa. We provide useful tools, research products, and technical advisory services based on robust, Africa-focused knowledge, experience and insights to different types stakeholders. We unlock the potential of Africa's transformation and development providing bespoke evidence and services that essentially combine scientific research with critical African perspectives that are too often missed or ignored in ‘Africa-focused’ challenge-solution discourses.

To some, we provide capacity building services, to others we provide technical advisory services, while others only employ our skills to undertake important research to inform their programming and or advocacy works.

We are always open to partnerships, so please contact us to discuss potential areas of collaboration.

Our partners and clients are diverse and drawn from different sectors:

PUBLIC SECTOR ACTORS, including sub-national and national government agencies, regional and Africa-wide authorities.

PRIVATE SECTOR ACTORS, including both small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger corporations (or entities within them).

ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS, including universities, consulting agencies, other think tanks and NGOs, which feed knowledge, experience and perspectives into decision- and policymaking processes in Africa.

CIVIL SOCIETY AND INDIVIDUAL ACTORS we also work with a range of other change agents in the society, including individuals and civil society groups that share in our vision and mission.

Some of our Current/Past Partners and Clients: