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Why the Science pillar?

We believe that successful interventions for the prosperity of Africa require rigorous science that is informed by concrete, pragmatic feedback from projects on the ground. Our science pillar provides evidence for action (practice) and influencing policy in Africa.

As much as possible, NOTHING without science. The promise of science is necessary in all stages, and provides useful insights for the design and implementation, improvement and upscaling of initiatives. By incorporating in our approach, we allow unmatched learning, knowledge, and facilitate continuous improvement while avoiding the less effective procedures and processes. This helps reduce wastage in development investments through insightful development and deployment of relevant programs in the continent. Our priorities in this pillar include:

• Providing research support;
• Providing recent and reliable data and analyses to help governmental and non-governmental partners monitor and track the progress (of SDGs);
• Monitoring, evaluation, learning and knowledge development;
• Promoting science-informed policy and practice at all levels of the society;
• Supporting partnerships for scientific collaboration and discourses in critical sectors;
• Supporting evidencing in novel, premier on-the-ground initiatives for replication;
• Supporting the development of new ideas and solutions at appropriate scales and contexts.