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What is the UnPlugKE Campaign about?

UnPlugKE Campaign is a national initiative that promotes efficient energy consumption practices at home and in the workplace. It persuades individuals, households and organisations to transform their energy consumption attitudes and practices in order to sustain their everyday goals, secure their incomes, promote their health and the enhance the health of the environment.

UnPlugKE’s Premise: “Little ACTions Add Up”

The premise of the UNPLUG Campaign is that “Great Success Lies in Little Actions”. By presenting little actions taken consistently and their great impact, the campaign shows how impactful little but consistent actions or inactions can be over time. Failing to switch a light off or unplug a household appliance that is not in use can result in great financial losses if done consistently over time. Similarly, switching off light or unplugging that TV or boiling only the amount of water you need for that cup of coffee/tea can eventually result into big financial savings for that goal you have in mind.

Who are UnPlugKE’s Partners?

The UnPlugKe Campaign is an initiative of  ADRECI in partnerhip with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Rabat – Morocco  under the framework of the Transform Africa Program. It was launched in February 2020.

What informs the UnPlugKE Campaign?

The UnPlugKE Campaign rolled out in February 2020, following a 2019 study on Energy Efficiency in Kenya, which focused on public awareness, strategies, challenges and opportunities for energy efficiency in Kenya. The study concluded that the prevalent energy use practices are not necessarily energy efficient. The key findings included that:

  1. Electricity is the most relied on source of energy in Kenya for domestic tasks. LPG is the most preferred choice for cooking.
  2. Among key concerns from the public about the impact of inefficient energy consumption are environmental pollution, depletion of non-renewable energy resources and increased cost of energy.
  3. Most Kenyans do not regularly track their monthly energy consumption.
  4. Only 10% of Kenyans reported that they had found and were implementing a “perfect solution” for their energy concerns – meaning the other 90% could use some motivation/ideas.

The findings of this study were presented and discussed in a multi-stakeholder workshop held in Nairobi on 22 October 2019. One of the key recommendations from this workshop was a campaign not only to disseminate the crucial findings of the study but also to create awareness of practice actions that could be undertaken by individuals and organisations to improve their energy efficiency. The UnPlugKE is the implementation of especially this recommendation.

Multi-stakeholder workshop on Energy Efficiency in Kenya. (Credit: ADRECI)


Our Goal: To promote efficient energy consumption behaviour and practices among individuals, households and organisations in Kenya.

Please Join Us if you believe that #LittleACTionsAddUp in the long-run and would like to be part of the journey towards energy-savvy lifestyles that save MONEY and are good for Your Health and the Planet!

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